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Chelmsford Focus is our feature that runs throughout the day on Radio Chelmsford to promote local events and anything local happening in Chelmsofrd and the surrounding villages.

If you would like to submit something for free, you can do so by recording a 1 minute audio message which will be broadcast at different times of the day on Radio Chelmsford as part of our Chelmsford Focus segment. If you do not want to make a recording to broadcast, you can still make a submission using the form below.

Please note, by submitting your message, it does not guarantee that it will be broadcast, and Radio Chelmsford reserves the right to refuse any submissions deemed unsuitable for broadcast.

How to submit your message:

  1. Make a couple of bullets on what you want to cover in your message, including your name, your organisation, what your organisation is about, and how people can get involved / in touch with you.

  2. Search for / open the voice app recorder on your phone and record your message, holding your phone 6-10 inches from your mouth.  You may find it easier to place the phone on a flat surface to avoid any unnecessary noise being picked up in the recording.

  3. Listen back to what you have recorded to make sure it is audible.  We will edit your recording so do not worry if you pause or say erm, as we will edit this out.

  4. You are now ready to submit your recording, which you can so either by completing the form below or e-mailing directly from your phone to

Submission Form:

You need to use the Radio Southend app to listen to live radio.

Click here to listen on the web.